About HVL

Houston Volunteer Lawyers is a non-profit organization that provides free legal information and assistance to low-income individuals in the Greater Houston area.

We are here because, unlike in the criminal system, you have NO right to an attorney if you cannot afford one to save your home, keep custody of your child or hundreds of other disputes that arise between individuals. Houston Volunteer Lawyers fill this gap in the civil justice system by connecting eligible clients with private attorneys who volunteer their time to provide advice, counsel or representation.

Houston Volunteer Lawyers focus on non-criminal legal matters, known as civil law. Examples of the types of cases the volunteer lawyers can help with include:

  • Housing such as evictions, foreclosures, or homeowners’ association disputes;

  • Family such as divorce, child custody, child support, adoption, or paternity;

  • Wills and Planning documents such as powers of attorney, medical directives, or probate;

  • Taxes such as negotiations and settlements of income tax debt, tax court disputes, Earned Income Tax Credit, identity theft or IRS audits;

  • Legal Guardianship of an adult such as an adult child who is unable to make decisions for themselves or an elder;

  • Veterans such as military discharge upgrades, service-connected disability or VA pension;

  • Employment such as non-payment of wages, discrimination or employee rights; and

  • Other issues such as criminal record expungement, name change, civil rights, bankruptcy, or contract disputes.

Houston Volunteer Lawyers is NOT able to assist with:

  • Criminal matters, traffic tickets, or any other matter not listed above.